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Madonna and Child by Benozzo Gozzoli

In support of the artistic ambitions of her protege Norman Chandler, Mrs. Foxe has invited the Huntercombes to her party.  Lord Huntercombe is regarded as a connoisseur of paintings: “He had caught napping one of the best known Bond Street … Continue reading

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Moreland on Women: Lhote, Gleize, Rembrandt, Cézanne

Admiring a waitress at Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant, Barnby proposes to ask her to model for him. Moreland says: “I don’t quite see her in your medium, but that is obviously the painter’s own affair. If I have a passion for … Continue reading

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Frescoes at Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant after Watteau

Moreland is explaining the name of Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant:  “There used to be the New Casanova . . . where the cooking was Italian and the decoration French eighteenth century —some way, some considerable way, after Watteau.  Further up the … Continue reading


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