Adams or Addams

Dr. Brightman analyzes Russell Gwinett for Jenkins:

Brightman: “He is a small fragment detached from the extensive and cavernous grottoes of gothic America. He is part of an Old America — the oldest — yet has become in some respects the New America. I hardly know how to put it.”

Jenkins: “Halfway between Henry Adams and Charles Addams.”

Brightman: “Not bad. In fact alpha plus, insomuch as Henry Adams says that true eccentricity is in a tone …  [TK 53/48-49]

Edgar Allan Poe had writer's block once Charles Addams

Edgar Allan Poe had writer’s block once
Charles Addams

Charles Addams cartoon from Pinterest

Charles Addams
cartoon from Pinterest

Charles Addams was one of Powell’s favorite cartoonists, according to Powell’s wife Lady Violet. Addams was born in New Jersey in 1912; he began publishing cartoons in the New Yorker in 1935 and published over 1300 cartoons in his life time.

When he died, the New York Times obituary headline was “ Charles Addams Dead at 76; Found Humor in the Macabre.” Whether his personality was as strange as his sense of humor was a frequent subject of debate.

We show a couple Addams’ tributes to Edgar Allan Poe because Dr. Brightman says about Gwinett: “If there is a superfluity of Edgar Allan Poe brought up to date, there is also a touch of Edwin Arlington Robinson.” (We have so far not established the original publication sights or copyright status of these cartoons, so please click the thumbnails if you want to see more detail)

[This post is out of chronological order and will be placed in order on the Temporary Kings page.]

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